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If you’re anything like us, this year has been a time to reflect on unique challenges facing America and the world at large. We must, however, always celebrate the successes of the past year as well, and look forward to what’s to come.  The most exciting news for Synaptic Sparks is the number of lives you change through your support to allow for better access to technological services and instruction. While quantifying the success of educational programs for both children and adults is difficult, there is no mistaking the words and actions of thanks from those we have had a chance to interact with throughout the years.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we have worked with 5 schools in the Greater Orlando area to accomplish feats that would not have been possible otherwise. We assisted the Scouts of America in the complete renovation of one of their technological badge programs, and provided personal instruction to full classrooms of summer campers. SSI also assisted Nuclear Reactor Technicians to build a virtual training environment that replicated much of the training for reactor valve operations. Prior to the team's involvement, training was costly, dangerous, and sometimes flat-out impossible due to the logistics of training with live nuclear systems. These programs and more were performed through support of contributors such as yourself, and the positive impact of these efforts continue to echo into the future.

While there is much to be thankful in the past year, with your help we are already making a vision come true to more than double our impact in 2021! We thank you, as Synaptic Sparks continues to help educational communities adapt to virtual learning due to the pandemic, assist government organizations with social distancing technological programs, and enable those who are most at risk to not be left behind socially or educationally.

With your help, we will see so many more lives changed.

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Synaptic Sparks greatly appreciates any donation to help us provide technological goods and services to the community.  Donate using our secure PayPal system by clicking here, and thank you for your support!



We are always excited to hear from good people in the community who wish to assist in Synaptic Sparks' mission.  Through mentoring, building and upgrading facilities like computer server rooms, or even just discussing career opportunities with students, you'll provide a valuable service to the community.

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